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Code better. Code faster. Code cleaner.

With these 5 concepts known by every senior developer.

Why download this guide?

Language Agnostic
20 real life coding examples from 5 different languages all with references so you are in the know!
Paradigm Agnostic
Can be applied to any paradigm, be it OOP, procedural or even functional!
Ease of integration
These can be applied in any project, be it in low-level C or a web app on top of Angular.

How can it help me?

Reducing complexity
Have you ever felt like your projects are getting more and more complex without any way to stop it?
Counter examples
Each guideline contains counter-examples so you can best understand its reason
Tips from experts
Everything in the guide is from senior developers with experience in both teaching and applying the guidelines
Reducing ambiguity
The naming guidelines help reduce ambiguity and move the project forward